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Fossil Fuels And Its Effects On Society - 1948 Words

It is true that all good things must come to an end, but fossil fuels were never a good thing to begin with. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources, such as coal and oil, that are used to power the modern mechanical world people live in today. The price of these resources is more than just money, for these resources generally have a less positive and overall more negative outcome. Society has become increasingly dependent on these resources that are destroying the world in more ways than one, and despite this obvious fact they are still being used. Society is just starting to stumble with energy efficiency, and an inability to adapt ensures that it will not take long until a complete loss of control over the environment and resources is†¦show more content†¦There is no doubt that the use of fossil fuels has become rather excessive. However the numbers and data as to how much society burns through these resources is quite astonishing. An example of this can be seen in 2004 w hen the United States and China were pushing the oil industries for more, causing a 50% increase of oil demand globally. During 2004 China was using 6.6 million barrels of oil every day, and the United States was using 20.5 million barrels a day (â€Å"Global Fossil†). They were burning through the oil at a rate so fast, the assumption was that the production of oil would begin to ‘fall short’ of these new demands. After these resources are burned for their energy, the leftovers of what was used is thrown into the air as carbon dioxide gas, and is known as ‘carbon emission’ (Global Fossil). Along with the disposal of carbon dioxide, the temperature of the Earth began to rise in a stunning correlation to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. The answer as to why is simple, â€Å"So what’s driving up the heat? Well we are. Concentrations of man-made carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming, have been increasing steadily since we becom e industrialized in the late 18th century† (Bruce-Lockhart). The cause of the recent global warming trends is indeed from the usage of fossil fuels and the carbon it puts in the air, with large amounts of data are being collected to analyze the situation. From the results of the data collection, modern scientists have done

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Ethnography Review - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 664 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Culture Essay Level High school Topics: Ethnographic Essay Did you like this example? The ethnography that I chose to read is Cumbia! Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music Genre edited By Hector Fernandez and Pablo Vila. This ethnography is about Cumbia and where cumbia originated from and how it became popular. Cumbia originally came from northern Colombia and it has spread through Latin America. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Ethnography Review" essay for you Create order Cumbia is also popular in the Americas and cumbia is also a very flexible form of music. Cumbia takes different local musical styles and mixes them together. It also changes its styles and meanings depending on the place. Cumbia is very popular with the working class and it is popular in northern Mexico, Latin American immigrants in New York City, Lima and also upper-class Colombians. This book looks at the different styles of cumbia, the history, musicology, sociology and many more things. This ethnography is written in many point of views. In the beginning of the book you do get an introduction of the editors and they talk about their points of view about Cumbia. Hector talks about how he presents himself as a middle-class coste? ±o which means that he is a native of Colombias Caribbean costal region. Colombia is also where Cumbia comes from. Even though Cumbia did come from Colombia a lot of middle-class Colombians saw Cumbia in a condescending way and also in a racist manner but Hector had working-class women working in his household who made Hector love Cumbia at a young age. Pablo, who is the other editor of the book, grew up in middle-class Argentina and that did not allow him to appreciate Cumbia until later in his life. The editors both explain their hypothesis which is focused on the examination of Cumbias and how nation, region, class, race ethnicity and gender are negotiated, achieved and provisionally and locally enacted by its followers (Lhoeste and Vila , 2013). This book was made with a collection of 11 different essays from different people so I did not feel like the author was biased because there was different authors in the book so you didnt get just one persons point of view. Cumbia has different genres depending on where you are. For example, in Mexico there is Nortena Cumbia. Each genre of cumbia uses different instruments. Nortena cumbia is played with an accordion and it is a lot slower than the originals cumbia. Cumbia brought different countries and societies together with music. Since it is so famous in many places, so many people know about it and get together and listen and dance to it. Cumbia is also used in different films, orchestras and dance centers. Cumbia shows different cultures to enjoy Latin American culture and have an open mind about other cultures. I feel like I do understand this society better after reading about this music. My family is from Mexico so I grew listening and dancing to this music. It was really interesting reading and learning the different history of Cumbia. My whole life I thought that Cumbia originated from Mexico and I did not know that it actually originated from Colombia so it was really interesting learning that. I also thought it was really interesting how cumbia is really famous with the working class but when it comes to middle class in some places it is seen in a negative way which I did not know. I also got to understand that there is different genres when it comes to cumbia. For example, in Mexico there is Nortena cumbia, cumbia Villera and other types of cumbia. I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know this genre of music that I grew up listening to and learning where it actually came from and how it all started. It is definitely a genre of music that I love and I understand it more now that I have read this book. I really liked reading all the different points of views and how different cultures see cumbias and how depending on where you are different instruments are used.

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Taking a Look at a Bullying Case - 884 Words

Tears are shed while family members and friends clutch onto each other whispering words of wonder to God. Parents watch their treasure as they get buried only this time they can never recover their precious gem ever again. Friends lose one, or their only, trustworthy outlet to vent out all their problems and secrets to. The Earth loses one more person that could’ve made some sort of difference, that person that had a life to live. All these problems have become a national issue and are the results of the large percentage of pretentious posers in American society that cause children, teens, and adults to opt out of enforcing their natural birthright; to live. According to the National Education Association 160,000 children miss school every day in fear of other students. â€Å"1 of 7 students in grade K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.† After conversing with an educator who worked in a school in the rural part of the state I have learned that bullying differs between rural and urban areas. In rural areas sexuaity drives bullying more than in urban areas, gender roles are more valued in remote areas. The educator had observed that adolescents that haven’t yet discovered their sexuality and are currently experimenting by wearing opposite gender clothes are outcasted. Although I am aware of this issue and have heard about it, it’s still mind boggling to me considering in my school, now and before, this wasn’t an issue. Girls including me would wear boy shirts as aShow MoreRelatedThe Case Against Bullying in Schools Essay1297 Words   |  6 Pagesnote, â€Å"Your children, who have ridiculed me, who have chosen not to accept me, who have treated me like I am not worth their time, are dead.† Experts report that bullying is a serious and widespread problem which can lead to school shootings and suicide. Not only that, but it is dangerously underrated as schools and adults are not taking the problem serious enough. Day after day throughout the country, kids wake up terrified to go to school, knowing they will be the victims of teasing, tauntingRead MoreEssay Bullying1404 Words   |  6 PagesBullying What is bullying? We might have seen it every day, and we still do not know what it is. In the short story â€Å"Black Boy,† Richard Wright shows how he was bullied as a young African American boy. However, bullying is not limited to one type of person living in one time period. It still exists today in the form of young people getting bullied on the streets, and at school. It could be very harmful, and could lead to serious damages, but sometimes it could help  by making people stand  up forRead MoreDo School Uniforms Help Students? Essay1445 Words   |  6 Pagesmeans that uniforms can be used for schools including both small children and adolescents of all ages and sizes, so uniforms are used way too early when parents could want their kids to look their best for their child’s style. Opposing arguments say that uniforms are good. They claim that they seem to decrease bullying, dispel distractions, and reduce morning prep-time. For example, Ray Rivera, principal of a K-8 Eastwood Knolls in El Paso, Texas, quotes, â€Å"Occurrence of fighting among students was prettyRead MoreCauses And Effects Of Bullying1297 Words   |  6 PagesEffects of Bullying Bullying is a big issue that spreads through the world. It can happen to anyone of all ages, and in numerous ways. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among people that involves a real or perceived power imbalance that either repeats or has the potential to repeat, overtime (Bullying Definition). There are so many factors that tie into bullying such as, why the bully is actually bullying, why the bully chose that victim, or even the effects that occur while the bullying is takingRead MoreCyber Bullying is a Crime Essay examples1326 Words   |  6 PagesMost of us have heard the saying â€Å"sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me†. With today’s technology, that saying may no longer hold true. Studies show that in the past five years, online bullying has quadrupled (M. Ross, 3). The technology has given bullies a whole another proposal for their actions; virtual name-calling can have harsh effects on the security of kids and teens in to day’s society. An online bully is someone who sends messages via technology, hides behindRead MoreFitting And Living Up At Someone Else s Idea Of `` Perfect `` Isn t Easy Essay1604 Words   |  7 Pagesa bully. Bullying has been around for the longest time and probably will never go away. Children wake up scared to face another school day and adults dread having to deal with another work day, all because those are environments where bullying most often takes place. Bullying is a very serious problem in the world today and it goes unnoticed. Bullying isn’t just a face to face encounter. There are multiple types of bullying. Such as physical, verbal, social and cyber. Physical bullying involves anyRead MoreHelp To Prevent Cyber Bullying Essay577 Words   |  3 Pagessomeone on the internet. Cyber bullying is posting something mean or rude on an electronic device to hurt a person. It’s the same thing as regular bullying except it’s not physical. Much of cyber bullying is done anonymously but there is the occasional few who show themselves. Many people find the internet and electronics as a beautiful thing that has helped our world achieve so many things and it is true, it has helped with a lot of things. But a lot of people just look at that side of the internetRead MoreBullying Is Good Or Bad?1365 Words   |  6 PagesClarkson song that goes â€Å"What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.† This quote can strongly imply in the case of bullying because being a bully makes a person stronger and who does not want to be a strong, bad ass person? Everyone should be able to bully and bully whomever they want. Bullying should be taking place in the classroom, online via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but why stop there? Bullying should be happening on the road, in the drive thru, at Starbucks, on the golf course, at the footballRead MoreThe Shape Of A Girl Essay1608 Words   |  7 Pagesperspective, Canadian playwright Joan MacLeod is well-known for her accurate portrayal of teenagers. In 2002, she published The Shape of a Girl, a play related to the dramatic story of a young girl named Reena Virk who was tragically affected by bullying , a characteristic behavior of adolescent development. Throughout The Shape of a Girl, MacLeod effectively exploits the Aristotelian dramatic elements and she uses Reena Virk’s story as well as the thoughts that it produces in the antagonist’s mindRead MoreBullying : Bullying And Bullying1366 Words   |  6 PagesKyle McBrady Ms. Coyle English 2A (3) 9 December 2014 Bullying Leading to Violence Bullying is when a person abuses his power to another person by causing physical or mental harm to the victim who is often weaker, says (Bullying). This definition can be applied to a recent story in The Washington Post, where bullying caused a student by the name of Jaylen Fryberg to shoot his friends in a lunchroom cafeteria. Jaylen and his girlfriend had recently broken up and she began cyberbullying

Working at McDonalds by Amitai Etzioni Free Essays

In response to â€Å"Working at McDonald’s† by Amitai Etzioni I think that Etzioni is way off on his evaluation of the lower skill, lower paying jobs in America. He makes it sound as if the employer must provide some sort of skill along with their jobs that will provide a learning experience. Why? Where in the Constitution does it state that employers must provide their employees with training while paying them to do work? It does not. We will write a custom essay sample on Working at McDonalds by Amitai Etzioni or any similar topic only for you Order Now And what of the people that choose jobs such as those provided by McDonalds simply because they wish to have less responsibility, as is shown in the recent movie â€Å"American Pie†. In this movie the main character quit his corporate, good paying job and applied for a regular burger flipping position at McDonalds because he was tired of the stress. And what about higher pay and benefits? The way the American economic system is set up, there must be some low paying jobs because there is always menial tasks that must be done and unskilled workers to do them. Say for instance, that everyone was guaranteed at least ten dollars an hour, no matter what the job was. There would therefore be no reason for some people to get an education because they knew they would have a decent job paying at least ten dollars an hour. This would also upset the people who had gotten an education only to find out they made little or no more than uneducated people now. Employers, now that they had to pay drastically higher wages, would have to charge much higher prices. Now the people earning the higher wages are right back to where they started, because the extra money they earn now just goes back to the employer. It†s just a vicious cycle, and higher wages or jobs that teach new skills to those who don†t need them are just not practical. As hard as you argue, the simple fact sticks is ugly head out, there are always low pay, low skill jobs for those who have no wish to better themselves in life. How to cite Working at McDonalds by Amitai Etzioni, Papers

Leadership Style of Bill Gates †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Leadership Style of Bill Gates. Answer: Introdcution: Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft and describing his leadership style it can be accessed that he offers a more of a participative form of leadership. We can also refer the style of leadership as democratic style because it involves the input of values from the employees. Bill Gates believes in this theory and style and seeks for the success of an overall company. It is said that the success of Microsoft is due to the driving force of Bill Gates attitude along with his enthusiasm and hard work. He very well understands the business and the fluctuations that change the business environment and thus, Microsoft have been able to withstand all the difficulties to achieve success. Compared to the leadership style of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs offered a more of autocratic style of leadership. He was the only authoritarian of the company who did not bother to collect any input from his team members. Being the only person in charge he made all the decisions depending on the ideas that he conceives. This might seem to be harsh, but the style has given the great opportunity to Steve Jobs success. His key skill was Innovation and paying great respect and dedication for this innovation; Jobs has been able to make his company the most successful tech of the globe. He focused on the design of the computers that has benefited the company and the customers as well. Jobs prioritize the significance of taking a risk, and he is known as to be one of the biggest risk takers and leader of the world. Steve Jobs is reflective to his perspective and lunch from his mistakes easily. He is adaptable to changes in his self (Hill McShane, 2008). Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs Both the leaders are the enthusiast and much serious about their companies. However, considering the creativity level, Steve was more creative. On the other hand, if we considered the leadership styles would get is more efficient as a leader and management executive then Steve Jobs. He never thought of working alone and tried to develop the company with incorporating ideas of his team. To run an organisation, it will be advisable to use the management style and leadership style of Bill Gates along with the creativity and innovation of Steve Jobs. Both the leaders were great motivators. The team management system offered by Bill Gates was much more efficient than that of Steve Jobs. Bill Gates believes that working with the employees and taking an input of their ideas will lead to the development and success of the company. Whereas, Steve Jobs was many enthusiasts about his Innovation and ideas to develop the computer and operating systems for the customers and gain more popularity. According to the team management offered by Bill Gates, it is witnessed that he prioritises the feedback from his team members. This makes it easy for him to co-operate with the employees and bring out the maximum skills and talent his members are a position. On the other hand, Steve Jobs was less reluctant to hear from his team members, and that gradually led him to witness the downfall of his innovations. However, his talent and innovative ideas influence his team members in a positive way to work for his company. Steve Jobs is also concerned with the development which company. After t he launch of the iMac system, when there was the disruption in his relationship with the company and his partner, he faced great hardship and later on when he returned as an interim CEO of Apple, his ideologies had changed until then. This time he was a good leader who takes input from his team members to think more rationally and develop technical strategies for making Apple the biggest hub of computers (Carpenter, Bauer Erdogan, 2010). If you are in such an organization managing a team with huge expectation and leadership from their manager, identify what style of communication you would use to motivate your team Management and leadership qualities are interrelated with each other. A company which have high expectation from their performance needs a better guide and a management system. For being a good manager, it is necessary to exercise leadership styles properly on the employees of the company. The first and foremost thing to motivate the employees is to communicate with them. To motivate the employees through communication procedures, there are certain techniques which are as follows: Scheduled communication and oriented meetings once a week- arranging for scheduled meeting is necessary for both the management and the employees to communicate with each other. There might not be any valid purpose of the meeting but a platform of open communication. This will lead to hazard free and flexibility of the relationship. Asking questions to the Employees- it is necessary to go for random question answer rounds with the employees. They should be given the scope to speak up and communicate their problems to the management. This will help the management to build a better relationship with them and look for ways to solve their issues. Showing interest and concern for the employees- showing interest in the employee's behaviour and concerns make them feel taken care of, and that motivates them to stay dedicated to their work (Ramasamy, 2009). Offering solution to the Employees issues that frustrates them- for keeping the relationship positive it is important for the management to offer the proper solution to the Employees frustrations. It is not concerned with their personal issues but with the situations that they face within the company. Empathizing with the employees offers a better source of positivity. Keeping Communications positive- it is important to make positive communication with the employees that will influence and motivate them to work for the company. Instead of rebuking them for there for performance, management must give them opportunities and offer rewards for the improvement that make them feel galvanized (Daft, 2009). References Carpenter, M. A., Bauer, T., Erdogan, B. (2010).Principles of management. Daft, R. L. (2009).Principles of management. South-Western, Cengage Learning india Pvt. Limited. Hill, C. W., McShane, S. L. (2008).Principles of management(pp. 404-20). McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Ramasamy, T. (2009).Principles of management. Global Media.

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Communication Difficulties That May Exist free essay sample

Communication difficulties that may exist and how these can be overcome. Communication difficulties may occur between individuals or groups and may arise for a variety of reasons. These reasons must be considered and strategies developed to overcome them. Lack of confidence Adults can sometimes act in an aggressive way if they are unsure about what they are doing or lack confidence. I need to be sensitive and offer encouragement and support. To help a child with lack of confidence I use praise, support and encouragement to try and overcome the problem and help them gain confidence. Opposing expectations As some people do not have the same ideas about the purpose of an activity, meeting or idea, I need to clarify exactly what I am there to do and why I am there to do it. Different values and ideas People have different methods of dealing with situations. Parents may not always agree with the school on the way pupils have been asked to do something. We will write a custom essay sample on Communication Difficulties That May Exist or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This should be discussed and common ground established. Cultural differences As people have different cultures and expectations they communicate in different ways. In some cultures eye contact is discouraged so I would need to find alternative verbal and non-verbal clues. Poor communication Conflict can occur when communication has not been effective. This may be due to a misunderstanding or because information has not been passed on. To overcome this I would discuss with them the problem, find the cause and a way forward, so both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Cont .. K9 – Cont .. External factors Some adults or children may have home pressures or issues that affect how they communicate. As I get to know them I will be able to identify if they are behaving in an uncharacteristic way and offer support. SEN/Speech Impairment People with specific needs may not be able to speak or be anxious or nervous. If I were communicating with someone with a speech disorder I would let him or her take their time and not fill in the words for them or guess what they were going to say. It may be that additional training would be required in sign language to communicate with deaf children or additional resources required for children with SEN/ASL needs.